Our comprehensive list of strategies for improving your posture and performance will reverse the spiral of pain and tightness throughout the body.


All of our patients come to us heading down a path or spiral of pain. Imagine the inward coils of a seashell… the deeper into the center, the more intense and longer lasting the body’s tissues and the minds thoughts get centered on the limitations and pain. At Healing Center of Scottsdale, we use holistic methods of healing including physical therapy, applied kineseology, neo facia/myofascial work to change the picture of the downward spiral of continuous limitations. We design specific value-centered programs to unlock the body’s natural healing process.


  • Injury Prevention
  • Exercise and Training Programs
  • Sport Specific Rehabilitation
  • Manual Therapy and Mobilization
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Pre and Post Operative Therapy
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy
  • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
  • Postural Restoration
  • Massage Therapy

Holistic Treatment

Think of a bullseye. Each ring of the target is a level of treatment we explore when working with you.

  • We start with the Inner Ring and explore problems, why it occurred or how it occurred, and what to do about it.
  • Then we move to the next ring out and explore the underlying causes or contributors to your situation. For example, did a long-ago car accident weaken or tie up the scared area? 
  • In the middle ring, we help you explore any emotion components that might be influencing the problem. We find simple language through conversations often assists healing during the hands-on physical treatments — the health of the mind is reflected in the health of the body. 
  • In the next ring, we work to untether any other interconnected sticking points, possibly from earlier related events— again, gently releasing ties to past holdups can work wonders.
  • And finally, in the outer ring, we end with a variety of programs that are specific to your preferences — physical therapy, applied kinesiology, neo facia release and more. The human body needs continuous improvements to address the increasing demands of life.

“Your body is the temple of the spirit that lives within.”

Jeffrey J. Juraska


See what people are saying

I had elbow and lower back pain from playing NCAA Division I golf. I visited many physical therapists in different states and the pain persisted. Until a friend referred me to Jeff, he is the owner of the Healing Center of Scottsdale. Jeff is the best and most knowledgeable physical therapist I have work with during my golf career. He took the time to know and assess the situation and explain WHY I had pain. After doing this, he took the pain away and, most importantly, taught me what biomechanical movements were causing pain. Jeff has being a true blessing and I can say that I play golf pain free again!

Leo G

Any one who has a PT issue, should consider Jeff for the PT help. He has a thorough knowledge of human body and its behavior. He designs therapeutic program for you and provides one on one type of support. He was instrumental on helping me with the lower back and neck problems. The service he provided was exceptional. I am happy that I found him.

Ash P

Wow! Jeff Juraska is a life saver. I play basketball in Spain and have been dealing with a knee contusion for over 5 months! I was pressed for time because I was leaving g to my next destination to play in only 2 weeks. My wife got online and luckily found him. THANK GOD! I have been doing everything imaginable for over 5 months to get the swelling out of my knee and in only 2 sessions with Jeff he has literally taken all of the swelling out! Knowledgeable about many topics and just an overall great person with great conversation. I will be seeing him until I retire and hopefully after that. Thank you Jeff and anybody having issue with a injury just come and see him he will knock it right out for you!

Gabe R


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